By Jean T.D. Bandler

We appreciate those funeral homes that responded to our price list requests, but remain puzzled that most ignored our letters, apparently willing to keep their charges a secret. We are also surprised that several homes reported the price lists "were unavailable" or provided incomplete "estimates". We are thankful for the hard work of many FCA volunteers who helped bring our total to over 60%. All lists were read for FTC violations here at our Connecticut office and by our Vermont experts.

The General Price Lists (GPLs) receive a mixed report, with some fine features, some areas of improvement, some items which "need work" and many poor features and failures.

No Honor Roll Candidates: No funeral home or cremation service made the honor roll with excellent compliance with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules and reasonable (for Connecticut) prices. Funeral homes, often those run by large corporate chains, with 100% FTC compliance had exorbitant charges, which our readers deemed "astronomical" and "outrageous". Establishments with moderate prices all had some FTC  problems and errors, both minor and major.

Gold Stars for Good Features:

Good Progress in Some Areas:

Failing Marks for Illegal Pricing Tricks:

Bad grades for Misleading Assumptions:

Failing Grades for Illegal Omissions:

Low Grades for Extra (Sometimes Illegal) Verbiage:

Unclear Calculations:

Principal's Office for Bad Conduct and Citizenship:

Interesting Price List Prose (and our editorial questions)