Application and Pamphlets

Print this page, complete, and mail to:

Funeral Consumer Alliance of Connecticut Inc.  [FCA of CT Inc.]
P.O. Box 34, Bridgewater, CT 06752

Dear FCA of CT:

Yes. I want to become a lifetime member. Enclosed is:

____ $35.00 for single individual

____ $50.00 for family (spouses/partners, minor & elderly dependents)

____ $10.00 for transfers from other Affiliates (1 workbook and forms included)

____ $12.00 for any additional “Before I Go” packets (1st packet is free for single membership, 2nd packet is free for family membership).

$______ Tax deductible contribution

$______ Total enclosed [Make check payable to: “FCA of CT Inc.”]

Name(s) (please print clearly)


Phone number                                                   E-mail address

Family membership only:  Name(s) and birthyear(s) of dependents (Year of birth only)

Signature(s) and date

In addition to the free “Before I Go” packet, please send the materials checked below.


____ A Guide to Funeral Planning   

____ Body Donation

____ Common Funeral Myths

____ Cremation Explained      

____ Dead Lines, Obituaries, and Death Notices

____ Death Away from Home   

____ Death in One State, Burial in Another 

____ Did You Forget? 

____ Directory of Societies   

____ Earth Burial 

____ Eco Friendly Death and Choices   

____ Four Step Funeral Planning

____ Going Green

____ How to File a Funeral or Cemetery Complaint

____ How to Help Grieving People    

____ Light, Like the Sun (on Cremation)

____ No One Wants to Talk about Death

____ Organ Donation

____ Prepaying Your Funeral

____ Recycle Your Medical Devices

____ “Simple and Cheap” (our article) 

____ Ten Tips for Saving Funeral $$$

____ 12 Reasons People Spend Too Much

____ Understanding Funeral Trade Tricks

____ Veterans Benefits

____ Viewing and Visitation

____ What to do with the Ashes?

____ What to know on Embalming


____ Connecticut Advanced Directives for Health care: Explanation, Living Will, Attorney in Fact for Health care, Witness Form.

Body Donation information and forms: (pick one)

____ Yale University Medical School Body Donation information and forms

____ U. of Connecticut Farmington Body Donation information and forms

Organ/Tissue Donation information and forms: (pick one)

____ Yale University Medical School Organ/Tissue Donation information and form

____ U. of Connecticut Medical School Organ/Tissue Donation information and form

Most Recent Price Survey: Results and Notes for three towns / cities.

[1] ___________________ [2] ___________________ [3] ___________________

____ Short list of less costly cremation establishments around the state

____ Short list of less costly direct burial establishments around the state

____ Additional “Before I Go, You Should Know” checklist packets:

        (1st packet free with single membership, 2nd is free with family membership, additional packets $7 each, with member discount):

And, to help FCA in the year ahead:

Please send me _____ Membership Brochures to distribute to friends

I wish to contribute to FCA, Enclosed is an additional $_________

I want to volunteer:

____ Board of Trustees ____ Information & Workshops  ____ Newsletter Committee

____ Monitoring Legislation & Funeral Board Committee ____ Price Survey Committee