Providing unbiased guidance on end of life decisions in Connecticut

Who We Are

We are a non-profit, non-sectarian, volunteer organization dedicated solely to providing information on end-of-life decisions. Our Board is elected at the annual membership meeting. We are affiliated with the national Funeral Consumers Alliance, which coordinates state and local groups, and we join the national to promote consumer rights in the funeral industry.

The Funeral Consumer Alliance of Connecticut (FCA of CT) was incorporated in December of 1997, and received our 50l(c)(3) status in 1998, which means donations are tax deductible.  We cover all of Connecticut, and our goal is to help our members and the general public to make informed, affordable choices in accordance with their personal beliefs.

We are not in the funeral business, we do not merchandize anything, we do not sell “pre-need” insurance, and we do not stress a particular approach.  We do not use or recommend “cooperating” or “preferred” establishments offering member discounts. We cannot provide funds for funerals or cremations, but can give information on how to lower costs.

We encourage everyone to plan ahead and to avoid “funeral debt”.  Although people frequently express a desire for simple, dignified services and inexpensive disposition of the body, these requests are often forgotten or ignored.  Grief, social custom, and the need to make immediate decisions without sufficient information often cause survivors to agree to arrangements that neither comfort the bereaved, nor reflect the wishes of the deceased.  As a result, survivors may spend more than necessary.

We can help you to:
Plan Ahead for Your End-of-Life
Know Your Consumer Rights
Determine How You Wish Your Body Cared for After Death
Consider Ecologically Friendly, Green, Choices
Find a Reputable Funeral or Cremation Establishment
Plan a Funeral or Memorial Service, Write an Obituary.

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Helping consumers be informed and prepared for end-of-life decisions.